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Barbecuing w/ George is my idea of the 7th circle of hell.  There are  
jerk-off circles?  I don't even want to know.  Mike -- you really  think Dubbya 
more "likeable" than Kerry?  He's Howdy Doody.  He  makes my flesh cringe when 
he says "God bless America" never mind anything  else.  I don't *understand* 
this "likeability" factor for someone who  giggles and mocks a woman pleading 
for her life at the verge of the electric  chair.  You're starting to worry me, 
Mike -- who the hell have you been  hanging out with?   Spend a couple days 
with Chase in France.  It  will do you a world of good.  Let me help you out, 
Mike.  Vote for  Kerry because otherwise your living hell will deepen 
exponentially.  And  Kerry speaks English!  We've all been napping alot.  I 
think it's  
either country-wide carbon monoxide poisoning or the terrifying notion that 
Bush  for another 4 years is inescapable.  If my political views are unclear or 
I  have been wishy-washy in expressing them, please let me know.  
Julie Krueger
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> Where has he gone  now?

I am alive and well and living in hell.  I apologize to  those who, knowing 
my childish need for attention, worry that my not  constantly seeking it must 
be a sign of my death or incarceration or having  been committed.  Actually, 
this time, it's due to confusion.  With  the election just 17 days away, I 
still haven't decided whom to vote  for.  It's ripping me apart.  George has 
God on his side.   Kerry has the world.  "Ye cannot serve both God and  
mammon."   Oh wellaway!  And I really would rather go fishing  with George. 
But I'd rather go to war with Kerry.  I'd rather go to a  barbecue with 
George, but I'd rather have the Food and Drug Administration  in the hands of 
Kerry.  I'd rather be in a farting contest with George,  but I'd rather trust 
the environment to Kerry.  I'd rather get high  with George, but I'd rather 
Kerry set drug policy.  I'd rather play  poker with George, but I'd rather 
trust the economy to Kerry.  I'd much  rather be in a jerk-off circle with 
George, but I'd rather trust  international relations to Kerry.  I just don't 
know.  I just  don't know.  Kerry has the charisma of a carrot, Bush has the  
intellectual curiosity of a dill pickle.  Kerry scares me because he  doesn't 
seem to believe a word he says.  Bush terrifies me because he  believes 
everything he says -- even when he knows he's lying!  Come  back, Dr. Dean! 
O Howie, we hardly knew ye!  Alas, he's gone.  God  bless you, Screaming 
Firebrand. Aaaaggggrrrrhhhrrrgg.  Oh, how I miss  him.  He'd have looked that 
pseudo-man from Texas in the eyes and said:  "Liberal?  You're damn right I'm 
a Liberal, you privileged little  prick.  Your greed induced delusions are 
destroying this country to a  degree that Osama ben Laden never dared dream." 
Hell, even Nader looks alive  compared to Kerry.

Anyway, that's what's going on.  I'm going back  for another nap now.

Mike Geary
napping a lot lately
in Memphis  

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