[lit-ideas] Geary and Tennyson -- on flowers and divinity

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J. M. Geary writes in his Sunday Tuesday poem:
There is no god, 
but  there are flowers
and that's better.
after all,
are but Nature's way
of sticking her
(and his)
in your face.
And  proudly.
This reminds me to the more cliche poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
Flower in the crannied wall, 
I  pluck you 
Out of the crannies.
I hold you here, 
Root and all, 
In my hand.

Little flower -- 
if I could understand  
What  you are, 
Root and all
-- all in all --   
I should know:
what God and man is. 
-- Note that what was mystifying for Alfred, Lord Tennyson ("if  I could 
understand ...") is not so for Geary ("a flower is Nature's way of  sticking 
genitals in her face"). 

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