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ROMA. Geary, who holds a Doctor of Divinity from the Memphis  Metaphysical 
Ministry will give a lecture on "I Pitagorici" at the annual  symposium in the 
Journalist Speranza:

"Why did you chose "I Pitagorici" for today's lecture?"

GEARY: It always amazed me how the Pythagoreans (sorry, can't really  
pronounce Italian) did wonders with numbers. I want to explain the audience  
how it 
_actually_ works.
"Are you applying your mathematical schemes to a specific field of  reality?"
Well, no -- although most of the ciphers refer to the election in the  
country I am coming from.
From Geary's notebook,

I  was alarmed 

6,888 people 

.2%  black

14  black people.  
76.6 percent 
11/351 Obama
351 11 
99.97% ~ black. 
I feel better knowing that.

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atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I  was alarmed when I first read this, worried that it might presage a  
desertion of white voters and signal a Hillary comeback.  So I  checked out 
the statistics.  Harney County has 6,888 people  living there.  Of that 
population .2% are African Americans, a  grand total of 14 people.  Assuming 
that the black population of  Harney County is representative of the rest of 
the Oregon population  in age demographics, then 76.6 percent of those 
African Americans  would be old enough to vote.  Assuming as well that all of 
the  voting age African Americans went to the polls and that all voted for  
Obama, then of the 351 votes cast for Obama, 11 were from African  
Americans -- a whopping .03%.  That means that of the Obama vote  99.97% were 
cast by non African Americans.  So, Harney County is  no Kentucky or West 
Virginia.  I feel better knowing  that.

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