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This was in my in-box today from Truemajority.org.  I'd be interested in how 
you who have spent time in the ME and Asia (John, w/ your ad knowledge 
particularly, Omar, etc.) think this would be received if indeed aired (there's 
link to the ad which lasts roughly 30 seconds).  My suspicion is it would be 
entirely useless and ignored....though I really like the idea.  (I had a 
phone call tonight.  It was a total stranger representing the Bush/Cheney 
campaign wanting to know if they could ask me some questions.  I said sure, but 
doubt they'd like my answers.  Question one:  Can we count on you to support 
the Bush/Cheney campaign?  Answer:  Absolutely not.  It went downhill from 

Julie Krueger

<<Dear Faithful American,

The torture scandal continues to grow, and with it the outrage of the Arab 
world.  As our leaders continue to blame a few rogue soldiers, a cycle of 
suspicion and dehumanization between the Arab world and the United States 

We need to send a message directly from the people of the United States , to 
the people of Iraq and the Arab world, telling them that, as Americans, we 
stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in demanding justice for these sinful 
committed in our name.

To do this, we" "ve filmed a television ad with Christian, Jewish and Muslim 
faith leaders to be broadcast on Arabic-language television in the Middle 
East.  You can view the ad using the link below. 


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