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William James Studies

We are pleased to announce that the first issue of /William James
Studies/ (/WJS/) is available online at

/WJS/ is a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to
publishing high quality, scholarly articles related to the life, work
and influence of William James.  No subscription to it is required.
Access to the journal is open/ /so as to ensure that all who have an
interest in William James have access to its contents. /WJS/ is
published by University of Illinois Press and sponsored by the William
James Society.

*Table of Contents *

*Letter from the Editors*

*American Philosophical Association Conference Papers*:

Wild Facts: Lives in Context (2003 Presidential Address) / /Linda Simon/

Jamesian Truth:  Comments on Charlene Haddock Seigfried’s /William
James’s Radical Reconstruction of Philosophy/ / /John Capps/

Metaphor as Method: Charlene Haddock Seigfried’s Radical Reconstruction
/ /Megan Rust Mustain/

Explosive Metaphors and Vagueness: Seigfried’s Contribution to James
Scholarship and its Significance Beyond the Field of Philosophy / /David

Aesthetic and Practical Interests and their Bodily Ground / /Richard

Is James Still Too Radical for Pragmatic Recognition? William James's
Radical Reconstruction of Philosophy–Fifteen Years Later (2004
Presidential Address) / /Charlene Haddock Seigfried/

* *

*Submitted Essays*

William James and Moral Objectivity / /Ruth Anna Putnam/

Against Elitism: Studying William James in the Academic Age of the
Underdog/ /Amy Kittelstrom/

Deweyan Pragmatism / /Randy L. Friedman/

The Varieties of Pure Experience: William James and Kitaro Nishida on
Consciousness and Embodiment // Joel W Krueger/

* *

*Call for Papers: Volume 2, Number 1*

Papers are now being solicited for the second issue of /William James
Studies/.  This issue will celebrate the centennial of the publication
of James's /Pragmatism./  We seek papers that focus on this text, but
submissions on other topics consistent with the journal's mission
statement are also welcome. _Tentative deadline: March 1, 2007_.  Please
see the journal website for /WJS’s Mission/ /Statement/ and /Submission

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