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Dowd has been writing about Bush's propaganda for nearly 4 years now. 

A.A. So if she hasn't made her point by now, she's nagging.  It's time to shut 

C.K. Some
of us think Kerry needs a good kick in the arse from those who want him to
win. As for the guys Kerry booted off his campaign, he stuck with Shrum, one
of the few people who gets hired despite having devised losing campaign
strategies and speeches for such luminaries as Dukakis. (Does Kerry's
unswift Swift Boat response remind you of Dukakis's low-keyed reaction to
any devastating campaign ads pulled on him? It should. Shrum was there.)

A.A.  40 days before the election is not the time to give anybody a kick in the 
arse, especially when they've fundamentally changed their strategies.  I ask 
again why she didn't attack Bush the way the Guardian did, on his facts and 

C.K. By the way, your criticism of the NY Times is that it's not a propaganda

A.A.  You mean to say they are a propaganda machine.  I said they're a 
conservative paper with a liberal image, which accounts for their consistent 
bias against Clinton, including the vicious, unwarranted Page One attacks from 
Dowd during the Clinton campaign.  

C.K.  Some might disagree with you there, but fortunately journalism
isn't entirely devoid of independent glimmers, here and there. 

A.A. By "independent glimmers, here and there" I assume you mean that the NYT 
occasionally gets a story right.

C.K. You're free
to hate Dowd, but criticizing her for not being "helpful" to Kerry, in
pre-election days, rather misses the point. She's not being paid to promote
Kerry or anyone else. Once a journalist behaves like that, unthinkingly,
they become nothing more than PR flaks. 

A.A. First, I don't hate Dowd, but the NYT I do hate. She's not going to be 
better than the paper she writes for.  My point is that she's not being helpful 
to humanity.  She printed nothing that hasn't been said ad nauseum about Kerry, 
and she failed to cite Bush for his flip flops, misstatements and staggering 
incompetence.  She's serving only herself and her "news" paper, that sheep in 
wolf's clothing.  

C.K. In my opinion, Kerry could use a few
loud, gutsy, critical voices within his camp.

A.A.  Give the guy a break and just support him.  They've changed strategy.  He 
did a blistering attack on Bush on Monday.  His response to the Allawi's 
tugging at heartstrings was strong.  What more do you want?


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> Carol, here's a perfect example of how utterly clueless the masses are,
that they swallow Bush's words hook line and sinker.  They vote for a pretty
face basically.  Why didn't Dowd write something along these lines?
> Here's an example of Bush's propaganda:
> >The hollow world of George Bush
> >The power of positive thinking is the president's shield from reality
> >Sidney Blumenthal Thursday September 23, 2004 The Guardian
> (cut)
> >In his stump speech, which he repeats word for word across the
> >country, Bush explains that he invaded Iraq because of "the lesson of
> >eptember the 11th". WMD goes unmentioned; the only reason Bush offers
> >is Saddam Hussein as an agent of terrorism. "He was a sworn enemy of
> >the United States of America; he had ties to terrorist networks. Do
> >you remember Abu Nidal? He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer.
> >Leon Klinghoffer was murdered because of his religion. Abu Nidal was
> >in Baghdad, as was his organisation."
> >
> >The period of Leon Klinghoffer's murder in 1985 on the liner Achille
> >Lauro (by Abu Abbas, in fact) coincided with the US courtship of
> >Saddam, marked by the celebrated visits of then Middle East envoy
> >Donald Rumsfeld. The US collaborated in intelligence exchanges and
> >materially supported Saddam in his war with Iran, authorising the
> >sale of biological agents for Saddam's laboratories, a
> >diversification of his WMD capability
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