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>Those issues are before the war and during the war.  I assume the horrors that
history revealed were not documented in them.<

I pointed to A. Hitler and J. Stalin's appearances in response to the suggestion
that it was some sort of honor to appear on TIME'S  cover as Man/Woman/Person of
the year. This is a common misapprehension. But it's true that in 1942 at least,
Stalin was presented favorably.

I see that Stalin was on the cover twice: in 1939 (he followed Hitler) and in
1942. The 1942 story stresses the heroism of the Russian people, etc. I haven't
read the other two but I'd like to see what TIME's editors had to say about
Stalin in 1939. The Hitler cover isn't just a mug shot of Hitler; it's like
something out of Hieronymus Bosch: 


Someone who subscribes to TIME might retrieve the story for us (there's a link
to it). Otherwise it costs $4.95.

Robert Paul
Reed College
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