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Except that Lawrence said we teach pacifism instead of jumping them and 
knocking them flat.  He's suggesting, perhaps, that instead of SAT's we measure 
the length of people's arms and the size of their knuckles.  It seems to me, 
Lawrence, that your curriculum is exactly the one we've been using on the world 
stage, and here we are.  We'll be well prepared, maybe, for the next school 
shooting, but in every other aspect of life people just won't want to to talk 
to us.  And we'll be like, fine, see if we care, pow!

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>At PNCA we have no "knocking them flat 101," but as I suggested 
>earlier, I think an extra-mural self-defence course might be a good use 
>of resources.
>Note also that the product of a group that has always set my teeth on 
>edge, the boy scouts, was the guy who had the alertness to lie flat and 
>hold the door shut, causing Cho to fire through the door second time 
>around.  He was indeed prepared.
>David Ritchie,
>Portland, Oregon 
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