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We teach pacifism in our colleges nowadays, not jumping people and knocking 
them flat.


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Now that you bring it up, ever since the news first broke, I haven't been able 
to figure out how he was able to accomplish the number of shootings he did 
without a few College guys jumping him and knocking him flat.... 

Julie Krueger

On 4/19/07, Edward Gleason <egleason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

While this discussion about gun control is all very well,
this morning, I noticed Cho's image on the cover the NY Post and other
tabloids.   He stands with guns drawn looking rather
powerful and strong.  Fact of the matter is, this 
young man killed 30 unarmed people.  Thus, he
was nothing more than an abject coward.
(Unless, of course, there is something remarkably
brave about blowing away people who can't defend

Nevertheless, he appears with his guns on televisions,
computers and newspapers all over the world.
What an appealing image he has become to the hundreds
(or thousands) of intensely angry, completely impressionable, and 
possibly violent young people who might seek to emulate this weak
little nut.

I am not going to whine about an "out of control" media.  "Out of
control" is
a term used by deep thinkers who are uncomfortable with certain 
freedoms extended
to us proles.

Yet, if the media outlets continue to treat these cowards like
celebrities, we'll have plenty
of other Chos to "look forward to."

Edward Gleason 

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