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Not only Bly and Fulton, but Geary as well:


Scene: a saw seen as saw.
Pshaw! cinema verite -- so cliche.
Better an old saw than a boring scene,
well then: "Don't put Descartes before des hors
No one knows what that means.
No one can say of that saw, I see!
Like water, it can't be sawn.
Ah, the things that I have seen, too many seens, it seems.
I saw a saw saw off a man's fingers.  A bloody seen.
And full of screams.
He was a country boy, never heard of Descartes nor
of hors-
But full of old saws was he
and by an old saw bereft
of digits in a digital age.

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I know, I know, Bly and Fulton have been there before, as I am sure have others. And yet, why not give it a haiku. Calculate and en-join as wont.


Olav H. Hauge:

says the saw.
Solid wood.
She speaks her
mind, the saw.

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