[lit-ideas] Re: Fukyama on Neoconservatism

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> Now we're in a poker game nobody wants to play.
> "I'll see your secret prisons, and raise you human
> slave markets in Khartoum," you say. But everybody
> folds.

Yes indeed.  Because we're sick and tired of pointing out that the *point*
is that the US and UK are not living up to their ideals and alleged

Judy Evans


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> Eric: Now stop it, Lawrence, or someone will start
> talking about the Marines mistreating captured
> al-Qaeda in Gitmo. After all, we are the bad guys.
> And the reason we are the bad guys is that we are
> losing the PR battle. And the reason we are losing
> the PR battle is that it didn't immediately occur
> to us that we had to fight one.
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