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And they say the acid was four times stronger in the sixties.

So vain he calls out his own name during sex

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> Table Talk, Episode Three:  the Genre Lives
> After dinner, the three of us walked to a pub.  At the
> threshold we  
> had to stoop, partly because the building was so old,
> partly because  
> we were standing on the shoulders of giants.  The others
> ordered  
> water, San Pellegrino I think; I asked for a dessert beer. 
> When we  
> had settled ourselves at a table Martin Luther began,
> "The  
> acknowledgment of angels is needful in the church. 
> Therefore godly  
> preachers should teach them logically."  I just let
> that go; no sense  
> trying to argue theology with Martin!  Thackeray started in
> on an  
> Irish story about a three foot long lobster and a machine
> he called a  
> "despatcher."  I had heard the whole thing
> before, but I managed to  
> laugh in all the right places and he was none the wiser, I
> believe.   
> My turn came.  I told them I thought you could hook
> machines you find  
> in gymns into the electricity grid and make a fortune, not
> because  
> there would be much power generated by small dynamos but
> because you  
> could then market "green" memberships.  They
> expressed astonishment  
> at my wit and invention.  Thackeray said the idea reminded
> him of  
> something they did at Charterhouse when he was a boy.  I
> said  
> everything reminds him of Charterhouse.  We all laughed and
> continued  
> until the drinks were dry.  At nine Luther rose, saying he
> had to be  
> up early because the plumber was coming in the morning;
> he's just  
> about done with the theses but now the toilet's broken.
>  We walked  
> together to the door.  Luther left.  Thackeray said
> something about  
> this spring being singularly pleasant, and took his leave,
> heading  
> west.  Alone, I hie'd me home, quick as a chased fox,
> not fearing  
> cutpurses, merely anxious to record how my evening with the
> great men  
> had gone.
> David Ritchie,
> Portland, Oregon

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