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A 40-year-old poet is accused of hacking up and cooking parts of his girl
friend (story by Jeremy Schwartz of Cox News Service)


"Mexico City - On the stove, a frying pan with chunks of flesh.  In the
refrigerator, a leg and part of an arm, both de-boned.  The bones were
stuffed into a cereal box. . ."


"Police said Jose Luis Calva Zepeda, 40, was arrested Monday and being held
for 'probable' homicide after an investigation into the disappearance of his


Calva is a poet and writer of tales of horror.  Inside his small apartment,
in the heart of Mexico City and just a few blocks from the mariachi
musicians at the famed Plaza Garibaldi, police found an unfinished
manuscript entitled 'Cannibal Instincts,' according to local press reports.


"Calva sold his poetry at the city's informal markets.  He also reportedly
is a failed screenwriter who unsuccessfully tried to sell his scripts for
horror movies.


"Calva is also accused of killing his former girlfriend, Veronica Conswuelo
Martinex Casarrubias who was found dismembered in 2004, and a prostitute
known only as La Jarocha in April."



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