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Didn't mean to sound so peeved.  Bad mood I guess.  Richard probably meant
to write "for those who do speak French."  Hey, at least I didn't invade a
country for a bad mood.

Typo King

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> Subject: [lit-ideas] French Help (was Re: Willie Pete)
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> M. Chase wrote:
> "If it were troubling enough to awaken P. Enns and E. Yoist from the
> dogmatic slumber of their jingoist self-satisfaction, I'd be even
> happier."
> For those who don't speak French, I believe Mike is trying to say: "Si ca
aurait valu la peine d'eveiller Messieurs Enns et Yoist du sommeil
dogmatique de leur auto-satisfaction jingoiste, je serais encore plus
> Richard Henninge
> University of Mainz

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