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_Click here: BBC  NEWS | Technology | Websites face four-second cut-off_ 
Talk about instant gratification....are we all in THIS much of a  hurry?
Julie Krueger
Websites face four-second cut-off 
shoppers are likely to abandon a website if  it takes longer than four 
seconds to load, a survey suggests.  
The research by Akamai revealed users' dwindling patience with websites that  
take time to show up.  
It found 75% of the 1,058 people asked would not return to websites that took 
 longer than four seconds to load.  
The time it took a site to appear on screen came second to high prices and  
shipping costs in the list of shoppers' pet-hates, the research revealed.  
Akamai consulted those who shop regularly online to find out what they like  
and dislike about e-tailing sites. About half of mature net-shoppers - who 
have  been buying online for more than two years or who spend more than $1,500 
(£788)  a year online - ranked page-loading time as a priority.  
It found that one-third of those questioned abandon sites that take time to  
load, are hard to navigate or take too long to handle the checkout process.  
The four-second threshold is half the time previous research, conducted  
during the early days of the web-shopping boom, suggested that shoppers would  
wait for a site to finish loading.  
To make matters worse, the research found that the experience shoppers have  
on a retail site colours their entire view of the company behind it.  
About 30% of those responding said they formed a "negative perception" of a  
company with a badly put-together site or would tell their family and friends  
about their experiences.  
Further research by Akamai found that almost half of the online stores in the 
 list of the top 500 US shopping sites take longer than the four-second 
threshold  to finish loading.  
The survey questioned 1,058 net shoppers during the first six months of 2006. 
Story from BBC  NEWS:

Published:  2006/11/09 10:19:44 GMT


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