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I note four events in the on-this-day-in-the-history-of-western-music calendar.

One is the premier of what most would regard as one of the classics in the
musical canon. The composer himself though it one of his finest works, it was
enthusiastically received by the public, and is generally held in high regard
to this day. (There are dissenting voices: the conductor Thomas Beecham, for
one, is reported to have exclaimed, “What can you do with the fourth movement?
It’s like a lot of yaks jumping about!”) Care to make a guess before you
‘google’ for an answer?

Two of the events (in the history of ‘popular’ music) are sad: the first
universally held to be tragic, the second was certainly seen as tragic by a
particular fan community.

The fourth event is a birthday — that of a composer who declared that what he
had to offer was “cold, clear water.”

Elucidation — with links to performances of relevant pieces — tomorrow.

Chris Bruce,
in a melancholy mood for
a variety of reasons, in
Kiel, Germany

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