[lit-ideas] Four Instant War Haiku

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"Four Instant War Haiku" by my favorite imaginary war poet, Trappee de 
Lachman, French Canadian lumberjack turned WW I cryptologist-paratrooper. He is 
known, when he is known at all, as the author of the reply to Owen, "Do Not 
Say, Do Not Say Dulce et Decorum Est."
-Eric Yost
War is bad, peace good:
That is always understood.
Ready? Fire! Aim.

Simple solutions:
Rhyming ideals that feel good.
War stinks. War bad. Duh!

Antiwar lyrics
In a dead soldier's journal.
He found peace. Not you.

We loved sentiments
about war being pointless,
so we lost the war.

-Trappee de Lachman

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