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My last post today!
In a message dated 2/14/2015 6:38:33 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
rpaul@xxxxxxxx writes:
>>Mike Geary writes 
>>I have always  approached works of art this way.  All art should be 
signed simply  "Artist". 

and comments:
>This might go a long way towards  eliminating forgery. 
>"Robert Paul"
A long way, but perhaps not _all_ the way. Elisabeth Mary Forger was a  
well-known artist, and did not abide by Geary's rule. She preferred to sign her 
 _collages_, simply, as "Forger".
"The Forger Family Tree Page", New Providence, NJ, USA. 
ps2. Oddly, this connects with another recent post by R. Paul. The link he  
provided read (more or less)
"Though tens of thousands of people in America 
had heard the broadcasts [allegedly given by Ezra Pound] and 
hundreds  could testify that they did recognize the voice of Ezra Pound, 
truth of  the fact is that the only valid witness would be
anyone who could truthfully *swear* that the American 
speaking into that microphone *was* the real Ezra Pound 
and not a mere impersonator. After all, as Palma would agree,
'his [raspy] voice is pretty easy to imitate' -- [he provides a youtube  
that is, any studio technician at "Radio Roma". But surely 
studio technicians have zillion other things to do than commit 
to memory the features and intonations of a bearded weirdo 
sputtering in what was to them a totally unknown,  foreign tongue."
And unless we have a real witness, the whole thing could have  been the 
product of a forger -- or two?
It is fortunate, perhaps, that Ezra Pound's daughter, who is Italian,  did 
care to translate those speeches into her Northern Italian vernacular.
She tells all about them in her "Discretions" -- a pun on her father's  
book, "Indiscretions". 
Ironically, her mother found "Discretions" pretty _indiscreet_ ("and  
oxymoronic"), and mother and daughter did not speak, on account of that book,  
for a couple of years (The daughter confessed that she went unrecognised by  
Pound for a time, and the mother did not like that to go that public).
Review of "Discretions": 
"Nata dalla relazione tra il poeta statunitense Ezra Pound e Olga, Mary  
inizialmente non viene riconosciuta dal padre."
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