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--- * in Germany, when they did not have a "William the Conqueror" they still confuse, in plattsdeutsche, the flea with the fly (dialectically)

Type "Always the Germans" into your search engine and you may get, a I did, this odd pairing: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2009/12/18/116161/the-germans-always- win/ http://deadspin.com/5477645/always-tinkering-the-germans-have-decided- sledding-could-use-more-nudity

Thinking of "hoots"--see my reply to Geary for why you might be--did you know that associating owls with "tu-whit, tu-who" comes of "Love's Labours Lost"? I didn't.

I also didn't know that the following are official names for minor planets: Bonk, Wanke, Dick, Pecker, Fanny and ArthurDent. Yes, there's also a Douglasadams. (p.52, "The Book of General Igonorance")

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