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The following article appeared in the July 2 edition of the Tokyo=20


What will John Kerry=92s election mean to Americans living in Japan?

The obvious answer is straightforward, a feeling of immense relief.=A0It=20=

will be simply and truly wonderful not having to cringe every time a=20
Japanese or European friend mentions the Bush administration and asks=20
about its arbitrarily walking away from international treaties, the=20
missing weapons of mass destruction, the missing link between Iraq and=20=

Al Qaeda, the pictures from Abu Ghraib, the memos from administration=20
lawyers claiming that the President may authorize torture and decide=20
arbitrarily who is or is not an =93enemy combatant,=94 or=97from the =
minded=97the fiscal insanity that is putting the whole global economy at=20=


Along with that relief, there will also be a feeling of hope. John=20
Kerry is an internationalist and an advocate of free trade. He has also=20=

been a staunch defender of the natural environment and a vigorous=20
advocate for ending both US and global dependence on the world=92s=20
dwindling petroleum resources. Women will rest assured that this=20
President will be a staunch defender of reproductive rights and very=20
unlikely, indeed, to appoint Supreme Court or other Federal judges who=20=

would threaten those rights. Educators will know that this President=20
will not cynically support a program named =93Leave No Child Behind,=94=20=

brag about it in his campaign speeches, then deliberately cut the=20
funding for it, leaving schools facing new demands without the=20
resources to meet them and forcing school districts to seek increases=20
in property taxes or cut other programs.

Military personnel will know that John Kerry won=92t wrap himself in the=20=

flag, waste taxpayers=92 money on carrier landing publicity stunts to=20
announce the end of an unended war, accuse his opponents of failing to=20=

support the troops=97then turn around and slash veterans=92 benefits. =
may recognize, too, that here is a genuine hero, who went deliberately=20=

in harm=92s way to save the life of a soldier for whom he felt=20
responsible, and a man with the good sense to recognize when a war has=20=

gone wrong and speak out against it. (=93Treason!=94 shout his enemies.=20=

=93Tell it to Generals Clark, McPeak, Odom, and Zinni,=94 say his =

Members of the business community will also have reason for optimism.=20
Instead of an administration with ideological blindfolds and a=20
President Bush described by former Treasury Secretary Paul O=92Neill as=20=

impervious to rational argument, even from members of his own party=97the=20=

deaf leading the blind=97they will, instead, be able to work with a=20
thoughtful pragmatist. President Kerry will know the difference between=20=

strong convictions tempered by awareness of changing realities and=20
blind faith in divine election.

We should not look for radical changes in trade or security policy=20
vis-=E0-vis Japan, say Washington insiders. What we should expect is =
attention to economic and trade issues, a more engaged posture, and=20
tougher stance toward currency manipulations, an issue in dealing with=20=

China as well as Japan. There will also be greater willingness to=20
engage in bilateral negotiations with North Korea as well as continued=20=

participation in the current six-nation process.

Make no mistake about it: the problems that face the world=20
today=97terrorism, ethnic conflict, genocide, epidemic disease,=20
environmental destruction, depleted resources, and the awful poverty=20
that affects more than half of humanity=97will not go away on the day=20
that John Kerry is inaugurated as America=92s forty-fourth president. =
Americans living in Japan will, like people everywhere, enjoy a=20
rekindled hope=97the hope that America will, indeed, =93be America =


John L. McCreery

International Vice Chair

Democrats Abroad=

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