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> Ursula: As for the Islamic variety, maybe other people's 
> business is other people's business.
> Eric: If the Islamofascists kept their business to 
> themselves, it wouldn't be our business. Plus the implied 
> enemy-of-my-enemy strategy usually means that one falls when 
> the enemy-of-my-enemy falls.

It's curious that you don't see what we've made it our business to do in
the Middle East.  Changing the subject, today's Lou Dobb's Broken Borders
reported on a massive marijuana drug raid in deeply wooded areas on the
Oregon/California border.  It's a Mexican drug cartel, thought to be in
other secluded areas in the U.S. as well.  Tens of millions of dollars in
street value.  Obviously not all illegals are here just to work.


Forget the Colombians.  It's now Mexican cartels that are doing the drugs:


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