[lit-ideas] Re: First Rational Discourse creates al Qaeda, now... battle PhDs?

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Eric asks

Is there an ideological inference here? An unremarked elephant of Nietzschean resentment at the symposium?

We must inform you that due to the decline in elephant populations in both Asia and Africa, we will no longer be able to honor requests for elephants to place in rooms for metaphorical and idiomatic purposes. We know that this may inconvenience many of our faithful customers. Over the years, elephants in rooms have lent support not only to political and social commentators, but the possibility of there being one in Russell's rooms at Cambridge, was the subject of aa historic debate between him and his young Austrian pupil, which some say changed the course of Western philosophy.

Believe us, we bring you this news with great sadness and the deepest regret. Until some future time when elephants are restored to the jungles and savannahs of the world, we suggest that those who for whatever reason require a large but mysteriously invisible animal consider our all-natural, organically fed giraffes, which often grow to 5.5 meters (ca. 18 feet) in height.

Please write for prices and shipping shipping details.

Thank you.

The folks at wherestheelephant.com

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