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We went back to the river again today and  those dogs were at the same spot. 

Good to learn.

Yes,  feral is perhaps a bit too much for an educated docked-tail purebred 
like that  -- who befriends below his station (his mongrel best-bud).

1934  Hutchinson's Dog Encycl. I. 184 Boxer. This dog, which appears to 
derive from  the ‘Dogues’ that had been made use of, during past centuries, for 
animal-baiting, is very little known in Britain. 
--- I'm going ridgeback for the fun of it:  "Rhodesian lion dog" or  
"ridgeback", a large, short-coated, light brown dog belonging to the breed so  
distinguished by a ridge of hair along the middle of the back, growing  in 
the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. 

1930 Observer 9 Feb. 13/2 
Such rarities as..Rhodesian lion dogs, 
distinguished by the ridge of hair running 
along the back the reverse way of the rest of the coat. 
1937 Our Dogs 10 Dec. 886/2 
The belief that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is 
the direct result of crossing the old Cuban 
Bloodhound with the Hottentot Hunting Dog 
arose a considerable time ago. 
---- but is it true? There is some implicature in the wording to the effect  
that it ain't necessarily so (to quote Porgy and Bess). 
   idem, p. 3 The ridge in the breed..is present in 
   practically every Ridgeback puppy. 
1945 L. G. GREEN Where Men Still Dream 167 
The finest type of Bushman hunting dog, 
a light brown ridgeback mongrel with dark 
stripes and a trace of the greyhound in its appearance, is 
now verging on extinction. 
1948 C. L. B. HUBBARD Dogs in Britain xxi. 373 
The Rhodesian Ridgeback obtains its name from this crest 
of hair which is present in all true specimens of the breed. 
Ibid. 375 
It [sc. the Rhodesian Ridgeback] was for some years known 
in Britain as the Rhodesian Lion Dog. 
1955 J. PACKER Valley of Vines iv. 44 
Their house stood empty save for the Native boy, 
Elias, and two Rhodesian ridgebacks. 
1977 P. C. VENTER Soweto 51 
A ridgeback yawned and got up from the 
polished door step.
1979 A. PRICE Tomorrow's Ghost xi. 182, 
I think we ought to have dogs... 
A pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks‘Lion Dogs’.

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