[lit-ideas] Fear of poultry

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In the October 4, 2001 edition of he NYROB is a review of /Paradise /by Larry McMurtry. The reviewer is Caroline Fraser. She writes, "Larry Jeff McMurtry was born during the Depression on June 3, 1936, in Wichita Falls, Texas, a town about a hundred miles northwest of Fort Worth, some twenty miles south of the Red River, which forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma. His parents Jeff and Hazel McMurtry, raised him in nearby Archer County, first in a house fifty yards from his pioneering paternal grandparents' ranch house and eventually in the small town of Archer City. His father was a cattleman all his life, and young Larry was given his first pony at the age of three and taken on a cattle drive at four. The son, however, did not inherit the proclivities of the father:

"Throughout my cowboy childhood the contrast between what I /should /have been afraid of -- snakes, bulls, stampedes -- and what hat I was actually afraid of -- poultry and shrubbery -- was ignominious. the most frightening factor in my early childhood, hands down, was poultry, with trees and shrubs a close second. . . . "

Perhaps David could ask they girls if any of their ancestors had anything to do with that.


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