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You write, "the AG-banned set that Palin is a part of"  I have found no
evidence of this.  As I wrote, Kalnins church is an AOG church in good
standing and therefore not "banned."  Are you saying the church she is going
to now is banned?  It isn't an AOG church so how could it be banned.


You write, .  "But I also get the sense that you have set in your mind what
your realitly is and aren't exactly inclined to investigate any other
perceptions of reality.  Which is, after all, entirely within your right.
It's only a bit frustratin when your picture of reality is presented as
fact, as objective Reality."


Au contraire.  I think if you look at my notes with as objective a look as
you can possibly squeeze out of your blinkered eyes, you'll find that I am
looking at more points of view than your average bear.




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I have absolutely no desire to denegrate any faith path ...including

I do think that the extremity of the AG-banned set that Palin is a part of
is dangerous if they get a foot-hold in national government.

I know I've sent you at least twice, and someone else posted at least once,
an analysis of Kalnin's theology.  Perhaps that's what you referred to
eariler as left-wing garbage -- I'm not sure.

Again, I'm thinking that doing a wiki search on Dominionism and Joel's Army
would be interesting to you
I do read your posts, I do think about them, I do try to get inside the
mind-set that you represent or are a part of.  Sometimes I find that you say
things which make me re-analyze my positions and thoughts in a constructive
manner.  Sometimes not so much so.

But I am glad of the opportunity to hear pov's other than my own.

Julie Krueger

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