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The Family Research Council is one of the most conservative groups and I was 
around when they were being formed...remembering the grassroots efforts and the 
planning, now, makes me pause. Though Tony Perkins, actually, is one of the 
more 'balanced' souls involved in that group, it is still stunning to see them 
facing and acknowledging the difficulties of working with FEMA

A.A.  Why was FEMA not difficult to work with for other administrations?  Maybe 
because Bush sets the tone for not caring about the country?  He downsized and 
wants to privatize FEMA.  Before Bush, when government was solvent, FEMA was an 
effective agency.  Today, government is bloated and insolvent, and FEMA 
suddenly is bureaucratic.

Maybe there is hope, but not before Bush is gone.

Andy Amago

Maybe there is hope, yet...
Marlena in Missouri

 Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council reported this afternoon that, at 
one site in Louisiana alone, there are hundreds of volunteers forming "chainsaw 
brigades" to remove fallen trees, clearing the paths for relief and repair 
efforts. He has also observed firsthand the bureaucratic obstacles in working 
with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross. While 
FEMA has directly asked churches to become shelters for victims of Hurricane 
Katrina, yet they are offering no support to these churches because of their 
general reluctance to work with "uncertified" faith-based organizations. 
Survivors are sleeping on church floors while thousands of cots are reportedly 
unused in FEMA warehouses, due to red tape. The Red Cross, in turn, is 
reluctant to work with non-FEMA-approved organizations. In the meantime the 
churches carry on with their mission, as they always have. Please open up your 
hearts and go to prccompassion or katrinaresponse or other sites you a
 re aware of to donate supplies or whatever you can directly to the effort. 

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