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despite his appearance as a "man of the working class", has never really held a 
class job. He's always been in media in one way or another. Why does Moore hate 
Bush? For
the same reason Limbaugh attacks Clinton: it draws a paying audience. Both are 

A.A. This isn't what came through when I saw him interviewed on Booknotes.  He, 
apparently, was quite poor at one time in his home town in Michigan.  He worked 
on a newspaper but was fired and at some point was on unemployment.  As far as 
I know, his roots are working class.  I'd be interested in knowing more.  He 
also struck me as sincere.  Again I'd be interested in knowing more.  Or Moore, 
as the case may be.

A.R.- The movie is not a documentary. It is a mishmash of facts, innuendos, 
personal attacks,
jokes, and everything else, but it's not a documentary. A friend who is an 
expert on
documentaries laughed and said "no documentary film maker would make such a 

A.A. Again, he said in so many words he would put his money to work bashing 
Bush, not into buying himself houses and so on.  The film is probably 
classified as a documentary for lack of another classification.  I doubt he 
himself will say it's a documentary.  It's a movie.

A.R.  A recent New Yorker article on Moore pointed out that Moore is 
self-centered and
difficult. He has left a long string of wrecks behind him. 

A.A.  Who isn't?

A.R. Add millions of dollars to such a
personality, plus a few major awards, and you get bad news: another Limbaugh, 
or Father McCoughlin.

A.A. Now the sides are even.  They have a taste of their own medicine and they 
don't like it.

A.R. - Regrettably, success sells. Moore's Columbine made $21 million. This one 
will easily make
more. Moore's "style" may become the new style of "documentaries". We will see 
politics sink
yet further into rants and wild accusations.

A.A. Again, this isn't a documentary.  I hope never to see it on the History 
Channel unless it was chopped up as part of something else and caveated.  The  
HC is pretty good that way usually.

A.R. Yes, the movie is worth seeing, to know what he is doing.

A.A.  And to see what the war in Iraq is really like.  

Andy Amago


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