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I used to use him to get to sleep a gazillion years ago.  When I couldn't
get to sleep, in my mind I'd sing I was a lineman for the county ... Worked
every time.  I have this vague idea I heard him interviewed once.  A
dysfunctional person, like everybody.  I'm wearing out this word
dysfunctional.  Now I'm sure people read my posts when they can't get to
sleep.  That's because I'm dysfunctional.  That's why I think that.

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> You just reminded me that Glen Campbell played North Bay last summer.
> I went to see him -- but he didn't seem very interested in the whole
> (Six thousand people in search of an entertainer....)
> The Irish Rovers two days later...now, they knew how to have a good time.
> Ursula
> Andy Amago wrote:
> > Glen Campbell?s life is a journey. My life too. With Joseph Campbell 
> > it should be "life is a journey", in quotes.
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