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  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 07:36:10 -0800 (PST)

I haven't had proper access to the Web lately and
cannot supply lots of current details. Nevertheless,
it seems that the Israelis have adopted the US
approach from Iraq - instead of trying to control the
situation, they have created a planned vacuum
(political, economic, security) in which their
enemies, lacking any other solution or a clear course
of action, will probably turn against each other.
That's what will probably happen to a country without
a functioning state when it is left on its own,
especially with smartly timed bits of external
provocation. (ALthough the talk about civil war in
Lebanon or Palestine might be a little pre-mature.)
That is why some of us were suspicious about the
'unilateral withdrawal' plans. The tactics of creating
conditions for and / or instigating internal conflicts
is at work in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. The hip
question right now is: "Why are Muslims killing
Muslims ?" There are answers, but they can probably
not be given in one-liners. I'll try to say more about
this later.


It seems
--- Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There's a lot on the Internet.  I got this from an
> Israeli site:
> "Now that Israel has almost beaten them into
> submission, Palestinians seem intent on destroying
> each other. Internal chaos is spreading." 
> Like duh.  Define acting civilized by beating
> someone into submission and then complain that
> they're not behaving the way you want them to.  
> Starve people, humiliate them and complain about
> mobocracy.  The Israelis are doing to the
> Palestinians what the Tsars did to the Russian
> people.  Maybe Olmert has come to his senses with
> his latest concessions although it  may well be too
> little too late.  Both the U.S. and mini me Israel
> gave war a chance, and here we are.  Al Sadr might
> be shaping up to be the Napoleon at least of Iraq. 
> It was strange listening to Bush complain that
> there's no civil war in Iraq.  It's only al Qaeda
> stoking the commotion.  Uh, isn't that why we're in
> Iraq in the first place, to defeat the likes of al
> Qaeda?  Is that an admission that their Middle
> Eastern "policy" (otherwise known as throwing a deck
> of cards in the air and seeing where they land) is a
> complete failure?  And the Israelis as recently as
> July were so enamored of this "policy" that they m
>  ilitarily destroyed a fledgling democracy on their
> border.  Arrogance combined with bottomless
> stupidity and real big guns can backfire pretty
> badly.  The Israeli Cossacks definitely have their
> work cut out for them.  
> I think I have a pretty good understanding of the
> Iraq situation, and I pretty much understand the
> Lebanon situation, but I haven't been following the
> Palestinian situation.  Apparently they're on the
> brink of a civil war too.  Those three combined
> might be the regional war everyone's been fearing. 
> Omar, do you know what's going on with the
> Palestinians?  Can you explain it or supply links?  

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