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What do you think of the post that Eric sent regarding the Scandinavian 
countries being a successful blend of capitalistim and society, essenially a 
capitalistic welfare state, where everybody wins, both business and individuals?
Okay, fine. 

That might work, too.  Okay, I'll even concede that it might work even better 
than returning to a feudal society. (But, I LIKE my town! and I was imagining 
quite the moat...)

But, no matter what. Can we be by ourselves? No one else, okay.  They want us 
gone--so, let's go!  

**A.A.  The tragedy being that we bombed them half way into the stone age and 
now we leave.  Not that we have a choice.  If you're pissed off that the Iraqis 
hate us for destroying their country and giving them chaos and daily death, 
then it's only fair that you start appreciating what OBL did in NY.  

Marlena: It's not like we don't have enough to do to create that sort of 
society.  It might take some time and energy.  

**A.A.  Getting rid of the federal government smacks of Montana militas and the 
Oklahoma bombing.  People don't stop to think that the federal government makes 
life predictable.  For example, everywhere you go, a stair riser is the same 
height because of the federal government. so you don't have to think about 
where to put your foot.  You can just walk.  That milk always has the same 
amount of fat in it, that mustard is made out of mustard seeds and not 
flavoring, etc. etc. on and on into everything you never even think about that 
works at it should is because of the federal government setting the standards 
that things be so.  

Regarding your little feudal town, is it so self sufficient that it need import 
nothing?  What would you export to other towns to get money, and what currency 
would you use to trade with these towns?  Also, if you lived in a feudal town, 
would you like to be in the church, in the gentry, or where most people were, a 
serf tied to the land so the baron would protect you from marauders in exchange 
for a portion of what you made?  Those are feudal options.  This is like people 
who know that in past lives they were a knight or a bar maid.  They take all 
the conveniences they know today (flush toilets, heat/hot water, lots of food, 
etc.) and superimpose them on an idealized past life existence, when in fact 
they would have spent their past life being cold and hungry and smelly with 
dirty hair most of the time until they died at 40 if they were lucky to live 
that long.    

Society is based on bridges, not moats, Marlena.  Be careful what you wish for, 
especially since the way it stands we're moving into a world without a 
functional federal government.   

Andy Amago

Entertaining ideas of different forms of government and wondering if we'd be 
Marlena in Missouri

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