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Yes, Andy sounded quite stereotypically male, despite
a somewhat ambigious name. What the post below
exhibits is virulent hatred of men, or of what men are
imagined to be, since C.K.'s typical arrogant male
turns out to be a product of the imagination of
another woman who is also I would venture to guess a
bit troubled. C.K. doesn't appear to see the irony of
the horrible dominator and the resentful dominee
turning out to have been women both, one playing a
"man'" and another seemingly wishing that she could.
For my part, I have found Andy somewhat arrogant but
mildly interesting, though not terribly so. He sounded
more relaxed and had more sense of humour than Irene
as I remember her of old. Surely nobody who has a
shred of objectivity could suggest that Irene's posts
as herself on the Phil-Lit were more sensitive or
deserving of sympathy. That C.K. would suggest this
says more about C.K. than about Andy or Irene.


Re: FW: Re: Iremago

Imerago wrote:
>  Irene is so boring.

ck: I read this confessional discussion in one lump,
having been 
with term papers and xmas commerce for the week. A
number of times 
voices her delight in Andy, and how she enjoyed
"being" him. The old 
assumes that we all shared her overall positive
opinion of Andy.

Not I. Andy's myriad ignorant, belligerant, and
downright asinine posts 
caused me to block him from my e-mail within a few
weeks of his 
on this list. As Judy commented, there was no arguing
with "Andy." 
More, no 
discussion allowed. Andy's obnoxiousness seemed quite
male (in 
the bad sense) to me--that is, unsubstantiated
rhetorical assertions 
and presented as fact. Andy responded to queries as if
they were 
which often ended whatever discussion might have been.
My reaction to 
codified into rolling eyeballs and gritted teeth--all
expressions I 
aplenty in the real world, and so have no desire to
hone in cyberspace.

But Animago's male rhetoric, as a character (or
Irene's female 
rhetoric, as 
another character) may be worth more than a
glance--the possibility of 
pathology aside, that is. Irene qua Irene, in her
confession, resorted 
typically female writing patterns, such as softening
her statements 
with a 
batch of qualifiers of the could be, perhaps, in my
opinion vein. (Even 
Adolf Eichmann might have seemed human if a woman,
had translated his utterances.) When Andy took hold of
the keyboard, 
ensued more often than not.

Witness Andy's recent response to his ignorance of an
allusion to 
Faced with a topic about which he knew nothing, Andy
derided that topic 
unimportant, and even implied derision towards the
list for knowing 
this character. We on this list are not culturally
literate, implies 
pugnacious ignoramus called Andy that Irene loves
being; rather, we're 
Pooh lovers. What's to say to that nasty swipe?

Irene seems to have a certain facility in creating
character and 
Unfortunately, she created an obnoxious character in
Andy, though 
consistently so. Why limit this facility to a mere
internet listserv 
others, worldwide, could be exposed to The Amazing
Amago's Fearful 
Go forth, Amagoo!

Andy's dubious existence is just one more bad joke on
his part. It's 
that Irene enjoys being him, but it's even sadder that
this list 
allowed a 
jerk like Andy to completely dominate it, drowning
others' posts in 
of half-assed and insulting slasher verbiage.

For the record, I oppose people creating false
identities on listservs. 
have enough trouble trying to be genuine nowadays. But
my expectations 
Iremago were and are low indeed.

Carol K.

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