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--- Robert Paul <robert.paul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Deep Throat, maybe. 


Does anyone remember Harrison
> Solow? 'Harrison 
> Solow' was the name adopted by a woman on Phil-Lit,
> who had something to 
> do with the production of Star Trek. She admitted up
> front that 
> 'Harrison Solow' wasn't her real name, but claimed
> that by revealing her 
> real name she'd be subject to some kind of
> (unspecified) harassment.

It was really rather easy to find out who she was
(when someone pointed out that she was using a
pseudonym, she gave more information).  

> I remember it, she did reveal her actual name to
> David Savory, so that 
> he could verify that she was using a nom de liste
> for protection, and 
> not for deception. 

I didn't know that.  But it sounds like her.  (She
also met some of the list members, I think.)

She wrote in her own voice, and
> engaged in actual 
> discussions. I remember that she knew a bit about
> Aquinas' theology.


> Maybe someone who can retrieve things from the TAMU
> listserv could 
> discover more. (I can't get access to it any longer,
> because my email 
> address has changed slightly, and the robot doesn't
> recognize my new one.)

I knew her off-list.  TAMU -- ah.  I think I've
changed my e-address since the Phil-Lit days, I'm not

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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