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> I would venture to submit that if one is actually depressed, doing it
> (caring?) for oneself is quite difficult, hence the depression.  That's
> a very cynical reply, I believe, yours below.  On the other hand, if
> people don't help themselves, who will?  Who knows?  Who cares?  We
> can't all die with a baton in our hand conducting an arkestra. 
> Personally, I don't believe Andy expressing exhaustion with humanity is
> depression nor depressing.  It isn't particularly insightful or
> informative either but I'm certainly not bothered by it.   

Well thank you very much.  What if I turned into a great big insect and
began climbing on the walls?  Would you still invite me to dinner?  Yeah,
right, I bet you would.  

Not unless he
> decides to load himself up with explosives to prove the point.  And even
> then, not unless he detonates those explosives and even then, only if he
> does it in front of me or in front of people I know.  So there, all the
> proper qualifiers of "reality".  

All politics are local.  It answers who cares, but it still doesn't answer
why care?  Okay, I'm over it, never mind.

> And make sure to root for the Mets tonight, even if it's only
> subliminally.  

At least you're rooting (I always want to say ferreting, but that doesn't
work) for the underdog, who happens to be looking for insects, so you're
okay.  The Mets are still the underdog, right?  On the other hand, Eve
Black doesn't much care about baseball, especially since they can't
restrain themselves from flying into buildings in their spare time.

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