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  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 10:00:13 -0400

I'm told off list that I'm too depressing.  Sorry about that.   It occurs
to me, however, that I wonder if my wondering what good knowing this stuff
is parallels the general thinking of these New Middle Ages?  My reason is a
depressive (okay, I admit it), realistic wondering of, truly, who cares? 
In the New Middle Ages they go to the courts in an effort to codify
ignorance (teaching Creationism/I.D.).  We here in the U.S. on a less
intense level are paralleling what the Islamists are doing in aspiring to
sharia law, except in their case it's been a historical reliance on it
instead of government.  Nobody (or so few as to be nobody) cares about the
irreversible damage that's being done to the planet, and on and on.  If
anything, knowing this stuff is isolating.  Is it not better to hide one's
head in some ideological cloud and never see reality?  How is that
different from the joy of knowing nothing at all and having no end of
conversation topics by watching the latest TV shows and the like? 
Ignorance is bliss, but I think I'll pass on the bliss for now.

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