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Opposing it sort of.  Corporations are behind it, so Congressional
opposition will necessarily be equivocal.  Maybe that's what Dobbs
meant.  It's a wait and see, except for Gates' done deal.  He himself
was interviewed.   Does anyone really care?

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Oops, apparently Lou Dobbs didn't tell the whole story.  Congress does
seem to be opposing it.  We'll have to wait and see.

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The WTO is negotiating to control immigration in the U.S., literally to
take control away from Congress, what little control Congress has.
Congress and Bush are going along with it, at least so far.  The drive
is spearheaded by India to allow more Indian workers into this country.
Bill Gates and J.P. Morgan in the meantime are opening up new major
production facilities in India.  Zilch for the U.S.  U.S. workers cost
too much.  Source: Lou Dobbs.  Also, a bizarre one, China is looking to
supplant stores like Walmart in this country and sell cheap, but
apparently quality, goods directly to the American consumer.  No word on
how Walmart is taking it.   Bush's ratings are up because of apparent
strong performance in the economy.  No mention of the fact that it's a
jobless recovery.  Can't find a link on the WTO story.  The following is
as close as I could find.



Marvellous!  Able to hold a conversation all by itself.  And generous
enough to share with all of us.  Aren't we special.

Phil Enns

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