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Geary ought to be able to do something interesting with this.....
(Lyndie is pregnant?  I didn't see it in the news anywhere.  But  what 
business is it of mine?)
Julie Krueger
in denial re. modern plumbing

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> Lyndie English with
> her big smile  speaks for everyone.  

Forget Athena.  Forget Mary.   Forget bowing down to burning bushes.  Hail
Lyndie English, humanity's  new goddess.  The new emblem of mankind the way
it really is.  And  she got pregnant and became a mother too. Poetry in
motion.  The Jews  and Muslims exclude women.  So they get Lyndie's
boyfriend.   Spotlight stage center, the new Mother and Father of the Earth.
A hush  falls.  People begin pointing fingers, picking up their weapons ...
A  day in the life of the world.

Andy  Amago

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