[lit-ideas] Re: Europe, World War II, Suicide and Jason Bourne

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I am not sure what the various figures actually measure, Lawrence, but for what 
it's worth, reported/recorded suicide rates in European countries are not 
uniformly higher than in the USA.  Also I don't know what Thornton's sources 
are, but mine say Luxemburg's figures are more or less identical to the USA's.  
That leaves us, pending further investigation,  with four European countries 
with higher suicide rates than those of the US and of other European countries.

more importantly, Thornton says (I copy the quotation from your blog)

"in many European countries, suicide is the second leading cause of death,
 after accidents,"

in fact, it's the second leading cause of death, *disease apart*, **among 
teenagers** in Europe (according to a WHO report of 2004).  (This teenage 
suicide rate varies greatly across Europe.)

That's worrying but doesn't really support your overall thesis.

Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK

 and France's suicide rate is about twice that of the 
United States', as

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