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You use a program that sends the post to your blog.  
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  <<Yes, one can email to a blog>>

  Huh?  Maybe it's my head-cold, but this confuses me.  I can write an e-mail 
and send it to what???  Blogs have e-mail addresses?  

  Nyquil here I come.

  Julie Krueger

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  > Dude, you're so behind the curve. Yes, one can email
  > to a blog. You can even blog to your 
  > blog from your PDA. I can use my cell phone to take
  > a pix and then post it to my blog, all 
  > while I'm still standing there on the street in a
  > snowdrift.
  Yes, I know. I'm cool. Really, I am.

  Seriously, I have to say that I didn't quite get the
  whole blog thing, until a colleague helpfully
  explained that it is what the web was supposed to be
  until we started adding all the useless eye candy.

  As for pictures and snow, The Bear recently visited
  Helsinki, check pics
  Story at

  The Bear lives in a five floor apartment in Brooklyn
  but travels a lot, to grand canyon for example

  Helsinki, Finland

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