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Sorry.  No matter how much or little I have to counter what you say at  this 
point I'm in the "Anyone But Bush" camp.  A squirrel would get my vote  over 
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>What makes you think Kerry is lame? Other  than that he doesn't speak as
>simply and forcefully as Dean or Bush, what  bothers you about him? Just
>calling him that doesn't make it so. Give us  some reasons. REEEEEESONS.

Okay, this all conjecture of  course:


John Kerry touts his "hero" status from Vietnam  constantly. He went to 
Vietnam, took orders, shot innocent people, fought in  a stupid war and got 
decorated for it. Soon after he got home, he started  protesting the war. He 
protested a war which made him a hero.  But  now... he still talks about how 
great he was in Vietnam. He NEVER mentions  the fact that it was a disaster 
and he shouldn't even have been there in the  first place.  As Bush said, 
guys won't fight when the President doesn't  believe in his orders. Richard 
Nixon said that the single most dangerous  thing was the lack of support for 
Vietnam. He was absolutely right. And  that's why you guys did so miserable. 
You never should have been there. Once  again, Kerry is two-faced. He talks 
about how this war is not right and yet  he says that when he's president 
he's going to make it right.

I have  more respect for George Bush and Bill Clinton doing everything they 
could to  NOT go to Vietnam. The people who did anything they could to get 
out of  Vietnam didn't just do it because it was a war, they did it because 
it was a  silly war and they didn't want to be part of it. If my government 
sent me a  letter in the mail and told me that I was supposed to show up and 
possibley  get killed and it was for something that I staunchly disagreed 
with and was  certainly no threat to my nation, I simply wouldn't go. Fuck 
them. I don't  owe them my life for something that doesn't affect me, my 
family or my  country.

John Kerry came, he saw, he kicked ass and then he protested it.  He's an 


He's greasier than Bill Clinton,  but not as smooth. He is FULL of SHIT. He 
is in love with himself. He really  wants to be president just because. He 
has no discernible personality. At  least Wooden Gore was normal in 
interviews so that you could give him the  benefit of the doubt and say 
"well, he's just not good in front of a crowd".  Kerry is corny, and comes 
off as insincere, even one on one.  He's  always trying for photo-ops in 
wetsuits, bike regalia, hupping footballs.  He's trying to be like you. He's 
NOT. He's a rich prick. He actually keeps  repeating "middle class". What a 
maroon! He is more polished than Bush of  course, but he's just as willing 
to spew forth memorized lines. I guess  that's what politicians do. But 
Kerry is the Manchurian Candidate. He really  is. He's lying to you all. 
You'll see. Or maybe  not.


I don't like the guy. He's indecisive. He says a  bunch of stuff but he 
doesn't have any substance (typical Liberal ;-0) He  keeps saying "I have a 
plan". Well, John, WHAT is that plan? He keeps  talking about how Bush is so 
focused on wasting all the money on the war and  homeland security and 
things of this nature and so on and so forth (tribute  to Ahnuld), but he 
certainly didn't attempt to steer the discussion towards  the USA. I haven't 
heard a (federal) politician in the last two years from  the USA talk about 
the USA. His campaign is centred on the fact that he's a  hero and he "knows 
how to battle" and he has a plan to get you guys out of  Iraq and clean up 
the mess. Well, that's fine, but I think a [good]  alternative to Bush's 
hawkishness would be to talk about what they plan to  do about the country. 
He's offered none of that.


He  harps and harps about how the war was wrong, but then he also has plans  
about how to do it right. He actually said that he would find and 'kill'  
people. Didn't anyone else's jaw drop when he said that? I don't think he's  
actually a democrat.


He's a liar. He has no consistent  belief. I mean, for god sake's his WHOLE 
campaign strategy was turfed with  just a few months to go. Doesn't that 
tell you how much of a wannabe fucking  liar this guy is? Lie to me, but 
don't let me know you are  lying.


I don't like the  guy.


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