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Another factor is that one can't pass a law and expect instant results.  The 
people now prohibited from hitting were very possibly hit themselves.   They 
have to restrain themselves much more than someone who was never hit.  But, a 
couple of generations from now the results will begin to tally up in favor of a 
more peaceful society, especially if parents are guided in the alternatives for 
what to instead of hitting.  That takes education.  Still, it's a major, major 
testimonial to their society that they are even attempting it and our 
leadership isn't.

Regarding the money it would take, this country never seems to have money for 
social things, whether it's Social Security, education, health care, day care, 
whatever.  "Entitlements" always seem to be a target in this country.  Tax cuts 
for the wealthy have been passed three times, but there's never anything left 
over for the middle class.  Lou Dobbs (I haven't seen him in ages) calls it a 
war on the middle class.  I like to think we're advanced enough that we can set 
the example for the world.  Far from it.

In any case, nice talking to you on this issue.  

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To show that there was a difference between the two and that it did not 
necessarily follow that outlawing spanking would outlaw all child abuse.   In 
fact, the Swedish study would support that. You seemed to think that if one 
outlawed ALL spanking, that child abuse would be also eliminated. That is not 

Here in this country, we have decided to focus on the child abuse/beating 
aspect of spanking. There are consequences for that--and they might be glad of 
that when I'm 95 years old and carrying one of LH's items in my knitting or 
scrapbooking bag <g> (just kidding...)

There are severe consequences for drunk driving (you may not realize it as 
there are so many ads for getting people out of those consequences--but they 
exist and they are law) and the severe end of what happens when there is an 
excess of lack of care in the drinking is also down.  Moderation is not 
necessarily a bad thing...

and, though, yes, I think there are healthier and more productive means of 
establishing limits, etc., for children, I also am pretty pragmatic and know we 
have also a culture to deal with and limited resources. Sweden spent an 
incredible amount of resources blanketing their nation with the reasons why 
they were passing that law and what would happen if you violated it as well as 
what 'good' would come from it. We just don't have the sort of resources to hit 
all the areas in our country--not in a short amount of time.  So, we do what we 
can -- and it IS working and it might not be as quickly of a change in our 
culture as you would like, but it is happening...and if we can address the 
broken bones and horrible bruises versus the swats, and have to choose one from 
the other--I think we chose the most significant issue to do. (again--it's not 
that the other is not being addressed--just a matter of priorities of time, 



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