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My daughter just gently spanks her animals when they appear aggressive to  
one another and follows the spanking with kisses.
So far, amidst all the variations of predatory nature, there has been no  
She insists that the big tiger was trying to help (was it Roy?)   .....I'm 
bad at names.
Julie Krueger
living in a zoo

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> Would you hit your dog or cat to  teach it something?   Maybe all you'd
> teach it is to be afraid  of you?

While visiting my daughter in Texas, I have been introduced to a  TV
show called the "Dog Whisperer." Interesting thing is that the star,  a
specialist in modifying the behavior of troubled animals rarely
actually  strikes an animal. But neither does he go in for petting and
cajoling. His  technique is one of firmly establishing dominance. This
might involve a firm  rap on the nose with a newspaper. Not, to be
sure, hitting driven by  unthinking anger.

John McCreery
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