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  • Date: 29 Jul 2004 22:16:23 PDT

 Marlena wrote:

"A group of Japanese  carmakers have created what
they're calling an
"emotive"  automobile that is able to express a
range of human feelings."

Every car I've owned (starting with a 1936 Chevrolet named 'Mr. Car'), has been
capable of this. Cars feel and express love, devotion, depression, anxiety,
determination, uncertainty, resentment, pity, terror, Schadenfreude, hope,
disappointment, resolve, and many more moods, feelings and emotions.

Cars may not have souls, but most of them have a sense of humor, or, in the case
of Rovers, Bentleys, and Morgans, etc., a sense of humour.

Robert Paul
Reed College

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