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How would your car behave?  
cruising down the internet highway,
Marlena in Missouri
This is from the CBC Marketplace website:
And finally, to file in  the category of "Is this

A group of Japanese  carmakers have created what
they're calling an
"emotive"  automobile that is able to express a
range of human  feelings.

The four Toyota inventors recently got a  patent
for a car that they say
will help drivers communicate  better. The car
"reads" its driver's emotions and then  replicates
them.  For instance, if a driver is cut off in
traffic,  his car can glare angrily at the offender
(this is accomplished by the car's  headlights
glowering a piercing red hue, and the car lowering
itself on  its wheelbase into an aggressive
crouching position).

The  cars can also apparently appear to cry,
laugh, wink or just  look
around.  It remains unclear how the car would
replicate a  driver's emotional state when he or
she is cruising down the highway belting  out show

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