[lit-ideas] Embetterment of the Bittern

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In a message dated 4/21/2009 10:05:44 A.M.  Eastern Daylight Time, 
phil.enns@xxxxxxxxx writes:
"I mean, 'to understand  better' is complex enough. But to  'better
understand' escapes me.   Either you understand or you don't."

How about:

'To better  understand the game of baseball, you need to play  it.'


Excuse me, but this sounds as silly as W. O.'s  source of eroticism:

"Have you ever spoken  Spanish?"
"I don't think I've tried,  no."

Walter's  mistress:

provoked by the  anti-sceptical  query,

Do you _speak_  Spanish?
Can't say I've *tried*



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