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it is indeed a most irritating phenomenon constituted by the deep idiocy of the english (or some, or most) in keeping this group of crooks self styled "royals."

The winds of innovation of 1776 and 1789 never caught up with george.3
the mail is royal? is it so?
as opposed to princely?
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some  aesthetic aversion to an overabundance of commas right at


There is a lot of misplaced pragmatics.

A mail is a mail is a mail. In England, they don't say "mail" -- to  start
with. There is the 'royal mail' as per the famous Auden poem ("This is the
night mail crossing the border".

If an email is an email, something like a mailing list is not yet a mail --
or collection of e-mails.

If R. Paul got it from the administration at the faculty and they don't
know him,

"Dear Professor Paul"

seems the correct way,

"Hi Bob" -- coming from administration may be ok.

Carol is right that it's all about space.

The first line should be brief enough,

"Hi Bob

Regarding your question: the answer is no.

Take good care.

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