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I think one of the most beautiful aria's is "Eben Ne Andro Lontana" from La 
Wally, by Catalani, especially as sung by Maria Callas..

Second most beautiful if not equal is Un Bel Di Vedremo from La Dama Butterfly.

I must confess that I hate Opera, but I love arias.  I think they're the most 
powerful music in the world.  I hate all English opera arias.  Not knowing what 
they're singing is a great gift.  One must go purely with the quality of the 
music and voice.  It's all about the emotional content.  No doubt many would 
think this is the judgment of a diminished mind, but guess what?  I don't care. 
 I've only seen one opera, La Boheme when the Met used to stop in Memphis.  The 
staging was so luxurious I had to close my eyes to appreciate the music.  I 
only "saw" about 1/3 of it.

I listened to JL's favorite E Lucevan le Stelle sung by Monsalve.  Very good, 
very passionate, but males can't rip my heart out and jump up and down on it 
like divas can.  Of course, there's "Recitar!  Vesti La Giugga" from Pagliacci, 
but that can get a bit over the top, still it's something to be reckoned with.

Mike Geary

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I have always enjoyed  reading your poems, proems and 
distillations, even when I didn't read, ---  

Exactly my feeling.
My mother read to me when I was in her womb.
She read all sorts of things: very sweet and calmy.
Geary quotes from my father's favourite book (he had a few)
Ambrose Beirce ("Old Gringo" -- with Jane Fonda, dir. by Luis Puenzo)
who defines 'patience' (and I loved the Groucho) as a form of  'dispair'.
As an Italian (sort of) named "Speranza" (sort of) I feel an outsider  
(among Italians who usually end their surnames with an -i):
Puccini had it nicely, "I'll write another Manon (to Massenet's) but mine  
will be Italian: full of 'amor dispearato'.
And Cavadarossi pours his soul out as the diminished chords diminish a  
         e muoio dis-perAAAto   --- 
                      e muoio   dis  perAAtoo
                           (The best song _EVER_ written).
JL Speranza
     Buenos Aires, Argentina
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