[lit-ideas] Re: E Mail Problems

  • From: John Wager <johnwager@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 21:50:46 -0500

It's the electronic version of the Doctrine of the Eternal Return. A 
Nietzschean test of your virtual will to live: If the messages TO you 
and FROM you can both be endlessly repeated, then you pass the test.  If 
you CAN'T live with them, you may be condemned to a Dantesque inferno of 
getting what you sent, forever.

Erin Holder wrote:

>Okay, someone has to figure this out.  I can receive e mails.  I can send e 
>mails.  Here's where it gets strange.  Any e mails I receive, I can delete.  
>Right.  When I delete them in Outlook it strikes a line through the e mail.  
>In order to get rid of it entirely, I have to hit the little "purge" button at 
>the top.  I assume someone here knows what I'm talking about.  Now, here's the 
>thing, and I swear to god I'm not hallucinating.  I receive the e mails.  I 
>delete the e mails.  I purge the e mails.  I refresh the folder, and THEY ALL 
>COME BACK AGAIN.  It's freaking me out.  It's like that fucking movie, 
>Groundhog Day.  Make them go awaaaaayyyy!!
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