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>all roads lead somewhere.  

From the DT:

"After his military service, he went on a scholarship to Christ Church  
College, Oxford, graduating with First Class Honours in PPE in 1950."
McEvoy, who loves a living philosopher ("Popper" in "the library of living  
philosophers", Dummett, in "The library of living philosophers") may be 
able to  confirm who Dummett's tutor at Christ Church was.
Oddly, Grice ALSO went to Christ Church.
In a note now deposited in the Grice Papers, Grice divided all Oxford  
philosophers of his generation in three groups:
--- the 'yes' group: Austin, Grice, Hampshire, Strawson, Warnock,...
--- the 'overage' group: Ryle, Hardie,..
--- the 'no' group: Murdoch, Anscombe, Dummett,...
(I have discussed that elsewhere).
In "Truth and other enigmas", Dummett struck back. The found that Grice's  
idea of 'conversational implicature' was so technical that, by inventing it, 
 Grice killed 'ordinary language philosophy' as it was never known ("Truth 
and  other enigmas," p. 445).

This was perhaps unfair, seeing that Grice had cared to quote from  Dummett 
in "Logic and Conversation" (WoW:iv). Grice refers to Dummett's solution  
to what Grice calls "The Grice paradox', but hastens to add that he will have 
 nothing to do with this attempt at a solution (to the Grice paradox).
---- Wrigley, a Leeds philosopher, was assigned Grice as a tutee at  
Berkeley. Wrigley's plan, fresh from Oxford, was to expand on Dummett's  
interpretation of Frege's philosophy. On their first interview, Grice 
confessed,  "I 
have never read Dummett's "Frege: philosophy of language"," "'And I hope I  
_won't_", he hastily added."
And so on!

---- Geary may disagree that 'all roads lead somewhere', but then he is  
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