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Thanks.  It outclasses the other photos in the sequence and doesn't quite
fit the subject, but it felt like an appropriate statement about what I was


The E-500 camera has a reputation for producing excellent color and images.
It has a Kodak sensor as opposed to the Panasonic sensor in later cameras.
The E-500 was produced in 2005 and presently sells dirt-cheap on eBay.  I
got mine for $175.55.  Perhaps one of the reasons they are so cheap is
because it has a design flaw.  If you use the flash too much it will burn
out and cause the camera to malfunction.  Mine had less than 1200 shutter
actuations on it and the flash was turned off when I got it so I don't have
to worry about that; which is to say that I am pursuing interesting subjects
(including beautiful ones) down there with a very good tool.  


How it compares to modern expensive cameras, I can't say, but there is a
saying amongst the old-timers who are seeing "gear-lust" cause young
photographers to "upgrade" each time a new camera model comes out.  "Don't
upgrade," the old-timers say "until your camera won't do something you want
it to."   




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The last photo is stunningly beautiful.  Congrats.


Mike Geary


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