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For an  illustration that understanding one's life is a question/s with 
answer/s, I  refer once again to the movie I saw last night, House of Sand and 
  In that movie, the motives of the Colonel were transparent.  The Deputy  
Sheriff's actions were, by contrast, bizarre but very imaginable.  He and  the 
lead character (actress Jennifer Connolley) would have done well to  examine 
their motives.  As to whether philosophy would have helped, I  read somewhere 
that Russell Bertrand was depressed to where he was  contemplating ending his 
life.  Then while walking on a beach he began to  consider life, and it gave 
enough purpose, shall we say, to keep  going.  

Exactly. Incidentally, below, the lyrics to Aretha Franklin (aka 'The Negro  
Problem', Geary says) and her (and T. White's) "Dr. Feelgood", complete with  
verse -- as Geary recalled it. Now, she could _real_ sing... -- Cheers,
Dr. Feelgood
      by A. Franklin (aka "The Negro Problem") and  T. White
               cited in the OED, supplemental additions, 2007
In E7b -- after modulation:
       Part I
I don't want nobody, always
Sittin' around me and my man
I don't want  nobody, always
Sittin' around there
Lookin' at me and that man
       Part II
Be it my mother, my brother, my sister
Would you believe, I get  up
Put on some clothes
Go out and help me find somebody for this  self,
If I can?

(Bridge towards Refrain):

Now I don't mind companee
Because companee's alright with  me
Every once in awhile
Yes it is,
Now I don't mind companee
Because  companee is alright with me.
Every once in awhile, yeah
And ooooooooooooooh
When me an that man  get to lovin?
I tell ya girl, I dig ya, but I don't have time
To sit, and chit, and  sit and chit - chat an smile

        Don't send me no  doctor
[To] Fill me up with all a  those pills
I got me a man  named Doctor Feelgood -- yeah, yeah -- 
        That man takes care of all my  pains -- and ills.

His name is Doctor Feelgood in the morning
To take care of business  is really this man's game,
And after *one* visit to Dr. Feelgood,
You  understand why I feel good -- in this pain.

Oh! Yeah! Oooh!
Oh, good God a - mighty

The man sure makes me feel real... goooooooood! 


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